Incident Update – Road Closure

Yesterday, on 9/21/2022, CEFR E-51 was at the intersection of Ramble Rd and Ocean House Rd cleaning up a pile of logs that had fallen of a logging truck. The crew was quick to cut the logs down to a manageable size and remove them from the road.

Incident Update – Vehicle Fire

At roughly 10:00 this morning. CEFR was dispatched by the county to a vehicle fire. 2 Full time and 2 volunteers who were hanging out at the station responded in Engine 51. At 10:10 they arrived, sized up the scene and got to work. at 10:45 the fire was out, cleanup had ended and the car was towed by New England Heavy Rescue.

Truck Talk – Engine 51

Welcome to the first “Truck Talk” the blog where I discuss the designs and various aspects of a MOC. For today, we have Cape Elizabrick – Engine 51 which is a 2010 E-One eMAX Typhoon. Following standard eMAX specifications, a Cummins L9 450HP is the engine of choice for CEFR, powering a Hale QMAX XS pump, capable of outputting 1500GPM! In addition, 51 has a 780 gallon water tank, two ladder storage compartments in the rear, 2 medical cabinets in the cab, and 6 storage compartments in the rear. Because CEFR does not operate a rescue company, both CEFR engines have basic rescue equipment (such as jaws, halligans, hooks, shoring, cones, etc), with Ladder 53 carrying the more specialized equipment.

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